Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Head of the Department, High-Power Lasers
Russian Academy of Sciences , Russia
Biography :

Victor V. Apollonov is a high profile scientist and well known around the world. He is the lead specialist in the area of creation and development of high energy laser systems with high energy radiation interaction with matter. He graduated from National Research Nuclear University, Moscow in Theoretical and Experimental Physics and was awarded Doctor of Phys. and Math. by Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, Moscow. He is the Head of Department of High Power Lasers and has made an outstanding effort. He is the author of more than 1300 publications. He is a full Member of Russian Academy of Natural Science and Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Research Interest :

Super long conductive channel for energy transmission

OCM Member
Professor, Applied mathematics
Kansas State University , USA
Biography :

Alexander G. Ramm (born 1940 in St. Petersburg, Russia) is an American mathematician. His research focuses on differential and integral equations, operator theory, ill-posed and inverse problems, scattering theory, functional analysis, spectral theory, numerical analysis, theoretical electrical engineering, signal estimation, and tomography. Ramm obtained a B.S. degree in mathematics in 1959 and an M.S. degree in 1961 both at Leningrad State University. He received a Ph.D. degree from Moscow State University in 1964 and Dr. Sci. in 1972 at the Mathematics Institute Academy of Science, Minsk. Ramm taught at Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics from 1962-1979.He was a Visiting Professor and Research Scientist at the University of Michigan in 1979-1981. He has been a Professor at Kansas State University since 1981, and lectured at many Universities and Research Centers around the world.

Research Interest :

Wave scattering by many small impedance particles and creating materials with a desired refraction coefficient

OCM Member
Professor, Theoretical Physics
Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry , Ukraine
Biography :

Sergey I. Pokutnyi is a professor of theoretical physics, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv. His current research interests are theoretical quantum optics, spectroscopy and nanophotonics nanosystems: theory of excitons and biexcitons in nanosystems, theory of local electron states and theory of transfer energy electron excitation in nanosystems. He has published more than 200 papers in ISI journals and 11 books. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Nanophotonics.

OCM Member
The university of Tokyo , Japan
Biography :

Masaharu Oshima, Emeritus Professor is now a project researcher at Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo. He graduated from University of Tokyo in 1972, and received his Master of Engineering degree in 1974. He was with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in 1974, and received his Doctor of Engineering degree from University of Tokyo in 1984. He has been engaged in synchrotron radiation research for nanotechnology and nano-devices for more than 37 years. He became a professor at Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Tokyo in 1995. He has published about 610 original papers. He acted as the Presidents of Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research and Surface Science Society of Japan, and is now a Fellow of Applied Physics Society of Japan. He received ECS Best Paper Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Award and so on.

Research Interest :

In situ hard x-ray photoelectron study of o2 and h2o adsorption on pt nanoparticles

OCM Member
Saleh research centre , Iran
Biography :

Prof.Gh.Saleh is an Independent researcher, responsible and main theoretician of Saleh Research Group. He graduated from Sharif University of Technology. He has more than 17 articles and participated in several conferences in Europe, America and Asia as an honorable speaker, organizing committee member, leadership, etc.

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